5 mei 2014 Edward Paul

Arise visited the streets in Bangkok

Edward Paul got inspired in Bangkok “Thailand” for his latest project Arise:Prosperity; A combination of concrete and veggie jungles. Arise:Industries, culture, science and industries can be seen as nature too

About the Artist

Edward Paul Edward Paul’s Arise ‘Painting with images’. That’s how Edward Paul’s works are described best. By combining hundreds of images and layers one new image arises. The project started in 2011. Now the complete series is ready to see daylight. The big prints (L200 x H100 x T4 cm) are for sale now. With years of experience in the field of advertising Edward knows his way with images. He’s based in Amsterdam. The big difference with advertising is perishableness. People don’t choose to see advertising, but people choose to have Arise on one of their walls.