20 mei 2014 Edward Paul

Official launch website EdwardPaul.nl

After three years of experimenting with ‘Arise’, time is ready for Edward Paul to announce the release of a fully renewed website and webshop.

Fits everywhere

Enjoy one above your sofa, in your office or just standing straight up in your bathroom. There’s always a place where you can put one. With it’s 2 metre width and 1 metre height a real eye-catcher.
Just select your favourite piece, pay via paypal and have your Arise delivered within two weeks. Each canvas is available in a limited edition, max 10 prints. A certificate of origin will be sent to you afterwards. (Got one already? We will take  . of this soon.)

Mind the bugs!

Off course bugs can occur, since we’re new too in this field. Just report them or give me a call and we can notify ‘The Insect Exterminator Company’. Have fun hanging around. Let me know what you think. I’m already working on next extensions to the series. Feel free to forward!

About the Artist

Edward Paul Edward Paul’s Arise ‘Painting with images’. That’s how Edward Paul’s works are described best. By combining hundreds of images and layers one new image arises. The project started in 2011. Now the complete series is ready to see daylight. The big prints (L200 x H100 x T4 cm) are for sale now. With years of experience in the field of advertising Edward knows his way with images. He’s based in Amsterdam. The big difference with advertising is perishableness. People don’t choose to see advertising, but people choose to have Arise on one of their walls.